Galactic Planet Racer – Space Car Runner

Description of Galactic Planet Racer – Space Car Runner Mars Planetary Racer: Space Frontier is an arcade game where you have to control your space car, masterfully avoid obstacles and explore new planets. πŸš€ Control the mars rover. Management is both complex and simple at the same time. Use the virtual joystick on the bottom to turn the rover left or right. ⛰️ Overcome rocks and asteroids to refuel! Drive around lunar and Mars rocks, avoid craters, pick up gold minerals and refuel with blue crystals. It’s not that easy on the Space Frontier. βš™οΈ Collect minerals and upgrade your vehicles. Collect gold minerals to improve your space car. Upgrade your engine, wheels, shield, and fuel tank. Each improvement will allow you to survive longer and more efficiently on this Space Frontier. πŸ‘½ Explore new planets and stages. Mars is waiting for you! Let’s drive! Four planets to explore with their own characteristics, colorful landscapes, special obstacles on the Space Frontier. 🚜 Unlock new planetary machines! Try to buy a tank or a flying car! Each car is unique and unlike the others. Find your perfect space car to overcome all obstacles on the Space Frontier. πŸ₯‡ Drive as far as possible and set the new record! The space agency wants you to travel as far as possible on each of the planets! Can it do it? Hurry up to start your space adventure of the Mars Planetary Racer: Space Frontier!

Download APK(56.49MB)

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