Dragons Mod for Minecraft PE

Description of Dragons Mod for Minecraft PE Do you have what it takes to become the mother (or father) of dragons? Venture deep underground in search for answers. Look for a dragon to tame and then watch as it grows to become your most powerful pet which will protect you no matter what danger lies ahead. Even though you can’t ride them they are still one of the most epic and powerful mobs you will ever find in Minecraft PE.Wild DragonsDragons replace bats and can be found spawning in caves. Even though most of them spawn as passive creatures (meaning, they won’t attack you) there’s always a 17% chance that a hostile dragon can spawn.Wild dragons spawn in either of the following stages. Stage 1: 10 hearts, passive, tameable Stage 2: 15 hearts, passive, tameable Stage 3: 20 hearts, passive, tameable Stage 4: 25 hearts, passive, tameable Stage 5: 30 hearts, hostile, not tameableTamingIn this case, I found small dragon. You can use any type of cooked meat to tame a dragon. Heart particles will appear if you successfully tamed it.A tamed dragon goes through a growth of six stages and each stage can be accelerated by feeding it more cooked meat (or some gunpowder for the last stage). Stage 1: 15 hearts, passive Stage 2: 25 hearts, passive Stage 3: 40 hearts, passive: Stage 4: 65 hearts, helps its owner by spitting fire Stage 5: 90 hearts, helps its owner by spitting fire (takes 24 minutes to reach this stage, accelerate with cooked meat) Stage 6 : 125 hearts, helps its owner by spitting explosive fireballs (takes another 20 minutes to reach this stage, accelerate with gunpowder)A dragon will only protect its owner once it has grown to stage 4.Mature dragons have a special appetite for sheep. If they see one you can be sure that they will soon be preparing their dinner!After a long adventure tie it to a fence post and feed it some cooked meat to heal it. (It doesn’t have to be tied to a fence post but this makes it easier.)Every reference to people, things and events is purely coincidental.All images, logos and songs are the property of their respective owners, and therefore are not mine.This app is NOT affiliated with Mojang, Minecraft and Microsoft.This app is made by a fan of Minecraft and NOT by Mojang.I'm not affiliated with planetminecraft.com, this is only a fanmade app.I'm not affiliated with the creator of this addon, this is only a fanmade app.

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