Lady Adventures Christmas

Description of Lady Adventures Christmas Ho, Ho, Ho, our Lady Adventures is here for this Christmas. Discover with her the obstacles, gifts and enemies that you will find until you reach your destination. Lady is daring, intrepid and brave, do you dare with her in this fantastic adventure? Enjoy the landscape, fight with her enemies and help her to achieve the levels and goals. With Lady Adventures you will enjoy a more fun and unforgettable Christmas. Lady Adventures wants you to be her travel companion, her friend in this game that for these first levels is FREE. Conquer the snowy mountains, the more gifts you will get. Did you know that there are snowmen that are not what they seem? Ice windows, stalagmites and stalactites, tunnels and much more. Discover the enigmas and combat them. Lady Adventures Christmas and you will be inseparable companions. Have fun with her! If you want more information and be the last one, follow us on facebook at:

Download APK(32.34MB)

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