Impossible Sniper Mission 3D

Description of Impossible Sniper Mission 3D Play as crime fighter spy of world's top secret service agencies like CIA, KGB to complete intense challenging tasks in this action-based game. After successful mission in heart of Berlin, you are assigned to sneak in rival headquarter to steal top secret information from undercover agent.Choose Impossible MissionsInfiltrate secure locations like a without compromising your identity and steal sensitive information of rogue nations. Find out who is the godfather and what menace terrorists are up to? Fight against crime, destroy enemy hideouts and bring them before sheriff for justice.Next-Gen Warfare TacticsMove forward in complete stealth mode behind enemies lines. Always keep guns loaded intuitive dodger skills to sneak behind barrels and wooden box. Concentrate wait for soldiers to blow their cover, use zoom-in option and aim to take head shots. Use rifle scope for best killing shots for realistic sniping experience.Destroy and DefendKeep sharp eye attack enemy base hit bosses armed with buck and shotgun to destroy mercenary’s hideout. Don’t get killed Drones are flying to find out rogue agents. Your mission is to kill those syndicates and deliver justice. Lead from the front as the whole nation is looking forward to you.Advanced Gear and Automated WeaponsThis is an action-based warfare game; you are equipped with modern gear and elite weapons like lsat assault rifles and sniper guns. Sneak-in with your stealth armor to navigate through cities and central prison for commando action.Impossible Sniper Mission 3D game is absolutely free for mobile devices to play. You can buy numbering updates for your weapons through in-app purchases.2016 Game Features:★20 intense and adrenaline rush pumping missions★5 different long range sniper rifles★ 4 automatic rifles with unlimited ammo★ Different city locations include streets, prison, roof-tops★ Outdoor areas like desert and hilly vegetation terrains★ Real life war-zone environment★ Awesome on-screen reflective controls with amazing kill animation★ Interactive designs and high definition cinematic graphics

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