Description of Doomflight Master your pilot skills… or meet your DOOM!Doomflight is a simple and addictive 2D space flight game. Your goal is to guide your space vehicle through various obstacles and survive as long as you can. The further you go, the higher your speed, the more difficult the challenges!ControlsDoomflight features a simple touch-based controller, designed to be convenient in any position. Just in case the defaults aren't right for you, you can go to the settings menu and try different options.Power-upsAlong the way you will meet various obstacles and challenges, but you will also encounter a lot of power-ups! They will help you manage your speed, give you the much needed fuel for your travels, and strengthen your shield for bad situations.VehiclesAll the vehicles have different abilities – some passive, some active. These abilities range from a simple magnet that pulls nearby power-ups, to a shield generator and even a time-bending machine!UpgradesIn time you will get better in controlling your ship. You will also be able to upgrade it to be a better match for your skills. You can improve its maneuverability, shield, fuel efficiency and capacity, and its special ability.MapsThe maps are an important part of every game, even more so in a space one. We've tried to design them so that they provide different situations, challenges and overall experience.Coming soonMore vehicles and maps are already in the works, so stay tuned!

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