Jumping cool Game

Description of Jumping cool Game Kong Jump is an exciting adventure app game available for the Android operating system. It is a fairly simple, yet addictive and fun game to play. You get to play as the monkey “Kong” who loves to jump and collect all the bananas that are in his path. Your objective is to collect as many bananas as you can while trying to avoid the birds. This kong pack will certainly come in handy when the birds start coming after you as you advance further on. But remember, Kong does not like to stop jumping so you better concentrate hard in order to get a high score! Kong Jump was created by the mobile game development team over at Sopa Games. They specialize in designing games with bright colors and high resolution graphics in order to give the app user a great gaming experience. Kong jump, along with many other games by Sopa Games, is a game that people of all ages will get addicted to. Whether you are an adult or a child, both age groups will get an equal amount of enjoyment out of this game. Best of all, it will challenge your cognitive reflexes and ability to think quickly as you advance further into the game. Try challenging yourself by collecting every single banana that you see, so you can get the highest score possible. Then save a screenshot of that score and share it with your friends and family.Kong jump is constantly being updated with additional challenges and advancements that get added to the game. If you would like to stay updated on the latest news and updates regarding the Kong jump game or any other game developed by Sopa Games, then you can follow us on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/sopagames. This is the fastest way to get updates on our games, which can go right to your Smartphone if you have the free Twitter app. We also have a Facebook fan page which is updated periodically at http://www.facebook.com/sopagames.com. If you have enjoyed our games then please click “Like Us” on the fan page and help support our team in keeping up the great work we have already been doing. Then we can continue to create and release great games like Kong jump in the future.

Download APK(14.35MB)

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