Mental Hospital Escape

Description of Mental Hospital Escape Play escape games! Escape the prison! Sneak out of this mental asylum that is no less than a prison for the mentally sick prisoners. There are security cameras to monitor every move. Grab weapons to hit and kill security guards of this mental hospital. Escape to the city of gangsters. Avoid security camera. Give hard time to the mental asylum security guards. Win the crazy fight with city police duty officers. Dodge them. Don’t let the police car chase you till the exit point. You are the best gangster of the city. Making a safe prison escape from the mental hospital is all that you need to do. Its okay if you have to kill the police that border this crazy hospital in gangster this escape mission. Hit them hard with your weapons. Run for your life. Kill the guards before they kill you! The modern technology high security checks and continuous patrolling of the guards can’t make it impossible for you to escape. Make a safer exit by sneaking in the mental asylum corridors. Find out the tools hidden in the crazy hospital that might help you in fighting with the aggressive cops and guards. Attack & Kill real police cops with weapons like a baseball bat. Make your super moves to get rid of the real police officer in one go in this asylum night escape survival game. You may steal the medicines to get more energy. Hide from the city border police in mental hospital. Breach the laws. Get pass the security cameras, fight with security officers and sneak in the hospital with extreme stealth gangster skills. Plan a proper plot to get rid of fierce guards, aggressive wardens and the armed cops. Use it to kill the policemen by hitting hard on their head and body. It’s time to use your gangster skills and wisdom and do whatever it takes to prison escape. Don’t waste your life in this torturing hell. Run to escape! Mental hospital escape features:√ Amazing 3D Mental Hospital Environment√ Real Thrill of Escaping the hospital√ Interesting Game Play√ Different Combating Tools√ Smooth and intuitive controls√ Stunning & High Quality 3D Graphics √ Thrilling and challenging Missions√ Easy and fun to play

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