Jungle Sniper Safari Hunting

Description of Jungle Sniper Safari Hunting A simulator of hunting animals in penalty spot in Jungle, choose your animal and make them your prey. The game feature is First Person controls that you can easily move your screen in all directions and killing deer and bears.Beat the clock challenge and move to the next round ..DEER Region: The deer are unaware of your presence makes a sniper lungs / head shots to beat the clock challenge.Hunting is as much fun around the golden lakes of Africa, animals born and murder by other creatures.Bear Region: The bear is aware of your presence, make yourself invisible and choose wisely your gun and take off animal.FEATURES GAME:** Smooth FPS controller.** Real Animal African and desert environment.** Realistic particle effects.** Different weapons to choose from.** Regions should explore.support:https://www.facebook.com/pages/IM-NinjaWarrior-of-Way/794942287241362https://twitter.com/SmartyApps007https://www.pinterest.com/smartyapps/

Download APK(41.28MB)

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