Draw Your Halloween Path 2018

Description of Draw Your Halloween Path 2018 So it’s Halloween time mostly people think of Halloween as a very scary and fun event but in this app Halloween is totally different and cool plus awesome. It’s time again ghouls and gals, Halloween is upon us! Candies, costumes and oh so many cavities. Along with ours, Halloween might be dentist's favourite part of the year. Halloween activities are so many first is wear a Halloween costume either you go to party or not, magic tricks magic shows with the fake knife wow, special Halloween carving pumpkins, beautiful lighting with bonfire, divination games, apple bobbing, playing a lot of cool Halloween awesome pranks, going to carnivals and for swings taking scary rides visiting haunted attractions telling each other crazy and scary Halloween stories plus watching horror movies films. Sometimes kids comes out on the neighbourhood streets knocking on doors and demanding the candy they've been patiently waiting for throughout the year. The sugar rush accumulated on this day is surely unmatched when compared with any other. The adults indulge in this wonderful day as well with cool costumes of their own and fun parties to attend. People eat certain vegetarian foods and fruits too Apple would be the favourite one and potato plus pancakes and cakes everybody has to be dress according to the dress code.Easy Peasy Games decided to add a little bit of its own twist on Halloween this year with a fun new game we've designed just for this occasion 'Draw Your Halloween Path.' It has been developed with our primary focus on turning this fun day into a fun week or maybe even a month as we're confident that you'll end up playing it for days on end. It's a fantastic new puzzle game where you have to draw your way to the next level by using your dexterity to decipher the task at hand. What you think will become virtual reality as your designing skills will be put to the test in this fun little game of ours. Some level will be easy to understand but the other levels will require some of your intelligence and patience. Any one will love this game it is your test you will find cool Halloween characters and items variations and in the balls too such as pumpkins, witches, ghosts, bats, pumpkin rider, zombies, spikes, jars and you will have to play with them by drawing the path into the target or whatever target you have been given in the game.Aren't you excited that we made the most fun time of the year a whole lot more fun? If you think it wasn't possible then prepare to have your mind changed, this is the game of the occasion so make sure you and your family and friends don't miss out on it! It is a fun way to celebrate Halloween too after the party when you get bored. Try to challenge yourself because it is all about your brain. Happy Halloween and happy gaming!! ;]NOTE: If you need assistance you should read tips and watch the video or free to email us we are always there for you. Stay tuned for other free games for families and updates with new levels!

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