Criminal Scene: Murder Mystery

Description of Criminal Scene: Murder Mystery Crime Scene is adventurous and thriller games? Here is one “Criminal Scene – Murder Mystery! “The story begins with a criminal scenario, few criminal minded people co jointly committed a crime and almost everyone over the city caught under this crime and got killed. Now the mystery goes into the crime branch inspectors, the detectives who will be using up their masterminds and hidden object analysis methods to solve the crime. You have to play the part of these crime branch officer to solve the crime case and thus identify the root cause of crime and the real criminal. The series goes with finding out the criminal, crime happened via hidden object game analysis and thus lots of adventure and suspense is mentioned.The Criminal Scene – Murder Mysteryconsists of 25 levels basically. These level consists of puzzles, hidden object analysis, crime scenes and to help the game also consists of clues, helps, suggestions, tutorials. Criminal Scene – Murder Mysteryis looking for justice, justice for the innocent people who were forcefully killed by the criminal, the real verdicts of the crime happened.Get ready with your detective and mystery solving skills like the crime branch, FBI officers for The Crime Case – Pacific Games. Criminal Scene – Murder Mysteryis entertaining with perfect graphics and adventurous music which is played in background while you are solving crime cases, criminal puzzles and the crime mystery. It’s a complete FREE Game no money needs to spend while solving the game. You can unlock the mystery if you have real inspection and detective Skills, the REAL CRIMINAL GAME PLAY begins. Criminal Cases, Criminal Mystery, Criminal Case Mystery Solving, Detective Game, Suspicious Game, Investigating Game Play, Criminal play, hidden object games, free full version game, free game, best criminal game, criminal case solve game, criminal case solve, suspense game. Murder MysteryCriminal Scene – Murder Mysteryworld look forward to hearing with genuine comments, inputs and suggestions to make things more better in terms of making it more adventurous, fun and entertaining. FEATURES:• Investigate crime scenes around the world• Examine clues and analyze samples to look for evidence• Interrogate witnesses and suspects• Bring the killer to justice

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