Spirit Slayer

Description of Spirit Slayer Become an exorcist, both monk and sorcerer, in the midst of the French Middle Ages. You play a member of a secret brotherhood, called upon by the Church when strange, supernatural events begin to take place. A necromancer weaves a complex web of shadows, seeking vengeance upon those who have condemned him! TAKE PART IN INTENSE CONFRONTATIONS AGAINST DIABOLICAL SPIRITS AND CREATURES This adventure is steeped in sorcerous combat – fight in real-time, testing your nerves to the limits. DISCOVER SEVERAL MINI-GAMES INTEGRATED INTO MAGICAL GAMEPLAY Traverse vast wastelands, explore submarine realms, and allow your spirit to roam far and wide to identify the position of your foul enemies. DISCOVER MAGNIFICENT SCENERY AND ANIMATION The Middle Ages will never have seemed as real, or magic as present in a superstitious world. Light, particle and bass sound effects are all present.

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