Twinkle Twinkle Pop For Kids

Description of Twinkle Twinkle Pop For Kids Twinkle pop is a simple, fun and addictive popping game for kids and adults alike. With three different difficulties it offers a challenge for people of all ages.Three exciting Levels to playNormal Mode: Allows you to pop stars, the speed of the stars will be slow this mode is for beginner. The user will have the limited number of livesMedium Mode: Makes it a bit challenging for you! Speed and number of stars will increase with increase in time. Speed of the stars will be faster then normal mode.Hard Mode: Want to test your concentration skills. Here is a challenge mode that tests your brain and touch responses. It gives you a Target star to pop with ever increasing speed and number of stars, Pop the target stars gives you points and missing it will end the game. Sounds easy? Try it first !! This Mode is most suited for parents and elder kids as you need to be very quick.Try the Twinkle Twinkle Pop now!

Download APK(25.65MB)

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