1943 gunships air strike

Description of 1943 gunships air strike "1943 Gunships Air Strike is a top down shoot'em up in a retro style. You take control of a P-38 Lightning and try to eliminate as many enemies as possible. Find different Power Up's to equip your aircraft with extra weapons.1943 Gunships Air Strike is a sky force in which you have to shoot'em up and become a sky force fighter like 2014. Gunship air strike ia a vertical shooter free game of 2017 . Ultimate free retro shooter mission. Shoot the gunship helicopter in the sky as military airforce pilot,sky cream. Strike on your enemies like bullet thunder force and become a arcade fighter.Aim your air strikes attack to protect your airport controller and aircraft places.1943 gunships air strike is the aircraft combat game. Throw down your grande in air attacks as a war fighter."

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