Great Bitcoin Treasure Hunt

Description of Great Bitcoin Treasure Hunt //Solve the clues, crack the puzzles and and become the greatest treasure hunter in the galaxy. //Arghh, Space Pirate Johnson ere, lookin for some scurvy digi-dogs to join me crew. I've put together a little treasure hunt that spans the galaxy and then some, to work out who's who and what's what. Yerrrr first clue is a good ol fashioned treasure map. Get the map here – the 'app' and then point it at the map. The rest is up to you.//UPDATE – FIRST BITCOIN TREASURE HUNT NOW COMPLETE//You can still play the game, but the prize has been claimed.Play and complete the game to register for early access to the next Treasure Hunt!@SpacePirateJCreated by TESSERACTTSRCT.CO

Download APK(44.32MB)

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