Archer King

Description of Archer King ArcherKing is an adventure game of Super Indian Lani who wants to become the king of archers.The Mocassin Forest is in trouble! The mighty Uka-uka tribe has plundered all the foodstuffs of the jungle.
Lani, our fearless adventurer with his/her powerful bow, set out to defeat the enemy and guard his/her homeland.1. Simple game control
Aim the arrowhead at Uka-ukas by changing the angle, and fire an arrow towards the target within 3 seconds before an Uka-uka attacks you.2. Various looks
Collect all Lani's looks with the coins you earn in the game. Meet Lani's new looks! 3. Head-shot
Fire an arrow towards the head. Head-shots result more coins.Enjoy the challenge by defeating enemies. The new adventure has started.What are you waiting for? Play ArcherKing now!

Download APK(30.53MB)

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