Description of THIS IS NOT A HORROR GAME When was the last time you read a synopsis a horror films latest and when it you feel fear ? , must be pretty a little of you feel fear , and now when was the last time you play game horror and ending with shadows a nightmare every time you about to sleep ? , must be pretty many of you who succeeded get scared by gaming horror rightHorror is one of a genre of film, which basically is to give rise to fear from the audience. To inflict that fear, horror movie often use scene surprising audience with a terrible thing or future.The audience was forced to show phobia, fear the most in that did not known to them ( in not see? ).Killer, ghosts, the virus, it was often used to inflict fear horror movies.There are several sub genre in horror movies and we will talk some of the most often appear. In the this is not going to find one ghosts or monsters scary , you just have to get to a flares gun or handgun to memina assistance but because you have to get in far eat you have to go through a group of of small no more of the size of ants . Play now and try experience has only played this game . But just remember that this is not game horrorbut, are YOU SURE THIS IN NOT A HORROR GAME

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