Umbrella Match Game

Description of Umbrella Match Game You play this free Umbrella Match Game for kids by tapping any two matching images that are next to each other along a row or a column. The game removes the matched images and therefore exposes potential new link matches. Continue the free Umbrella Game by finding all the link matches before the clock runs out.The first round in the Umbrella Match Game for kids is 100 seconds and you complete it successfully, each round after that is 10 seconds less. So as you get better at the game, you have less time to complete each round.If you get stuck, you can tap the REFRESH button to shuffle the images remaining so you might be able to see new matching links.If you can't see a match at all, you can tap the FIND button and a matching link will made automatically.To exit the game at any time you simply tap the Back button on your device.This Umbrella Match Game is an addictive race to find the matching links. Have Fun!!!

Download APK(1.67MB)

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