Dragon Sword – War Of Throne

Description of Dragon Sword – War Of Throne Be the Warrior you always want to be, fulfil the prophecy and defeat the LORD EVIL !!Far Far away in the mystical land of China, there was an EVIL LORD who spread panic and fear among the people, Hang and Crush those who ever raise the voice or came to claim the throne.But one day a mighty WARRIOR who was famous for his Knowledge in Tai Chi and Swords fighting ride on the street of China, he was unfamiliar of whats going on. He saw nothing but Chaos every – where, there he meets an old friend ( a Panda ) who told him how LORD EVIL release his three forces which began the war of thrones, resulting blades and blood every – where.This made the warrior angry and he asked the wise old Panda how he could help stop all this, the wise Panda explained that LORD EVIL have a Magical DRAGON SWORD that gives him power and warrior will have to get that sword to defeat the LORD EVIL and his army of dead ( Zombie ). But he warns the mighty warrior that this journey will not be easy, he will face an army of dead ( Zombie) ninja’s , arena of big monster spiders, multiple maze and many more hurdles to stop him from reaching to the Dragon Sword. One have to be a master in warcraft and pure of heart to continue this journey and claim back the throne to the rightful and end the war of throne for good.

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