Super Bunny Run : Looney Dash

Description of Super Bunny Run : Looney Dash Woooow ! Super Bunny Run : Looney Dash is finally available on the store.Start your free super adventure game in different worlds : Jungle, Desert and Ice.Super Bunny Run Bugs : Looney Run is a New and Free running adventure. Super Rabbit is a jumping bugs road rabbit runner.Hopper seeks and runs after the princess chibi Lola coins. Enjoy this game with Super Rabbit Looney bugs bunny.Super Bunny Run : Looney Dash is a simple and addictive adventurous run game with simple and easy controls.High flying rabbit rider have all to be the best of all jumping games and hopping rabbits.Help the looney rabbit to jump, fly and avoid obstacles.Help the little bunny road runn and collect as many as pricesse chibi Lola coins from the jungle without being stopped by obstacle. Just click the screen to make our bunny jump all obstacles. It has the best fun game with good graphics and music.However daffy jungle duck is full of danger. Jump and run all over these obstacle to win.To make himself more powerful, he needs your help! So are you ready ! go! Appreciate it now!A simple and addictive ambitious racing game with simple settings. Method of play:-Just Tap screen to jump and avoid obstacles-Collect the Lola coins-Reaching the end of levelsCharacteristics :* High-resolution graphics;* Easy to use in your phone;* Simple to control* Rankings for you and your friends;* Simple and nice graphics looney tunes* Amazing bugs bunny musicPlay Super Bunny Hopping Run Rabbit Bugs Now ! Ready ! Go !

Download APK(15.46MB)

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