Kitaki Birds Line

Description of Kitaki Birds Line Kitaki Birds Line, game play a funny bird tail to get as many points of food as possible by going through various obstacles. Like other bird adventures how to play enough by touching the screen to jump avoid obstacles. It has several modes which in each mode there are several levels that require your skill in passing the cross. Do not be afraid if you stop playing you can immediately start from the level you managed to achieve without having to tire from the beginning level again. Exciting, make curious, and always want to try again for those of you who have download kitaki birds line. Features: • Simple one touch gameplay control • Three game modes from easy to difficult • 1 Mode has many levels • Highscore system We are waiting for criticism and suggestions from gamers, and will try to realize immediately. Lets go to play Kitaki Birs Line. If you successfully complete, email us, there will be a surprise for you. Thanks for the support and have downloaded our game Regard Amri Harahap Group

Download APK(14.97MB)

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