Black Ops Assault: Army Strike

Description of Black Ops Assault: Army Strike Black Ops Assault: Army Strike is an action first person shooter. The criminals are attacking your soldier. Your commando troops fights in death war blood battle of modern world battle on the planet in order to defend his country and kill the aggro criminals. Player is sitting inside an apache helicopter. The commando troops in Black Ops Assault: Army Strike 3D are sitting inside a military chopper craft and the duty is to kill the troops in enemy ships, apache helicopter crafts and jet fighter crafts with his machine gun. The blood war is brutal and the action is amazing. Black Ops Assault: Army Strike 3D sends your commando heroes and troops in an apache helicopter to the blood war battle and makes it your duty to stop the deaths and shedding blood of innocents and defend your homeland. You must kill shoot the aggro criminals, they are wanted dead. The player enjoys taking the head shots. Player must play wisely not to get shot by his enemies. Many of the innocents have been shot by the enemies already.Black Ops Assault: Army Strike 3D is developed with amazing set of tools to provide the user an amazing action attack and defence gaming experience as a defence commando shooter inside an apache helicopter air craft in a battle. All the criminals and enemy troops are wanted dead to stop the bloodshed and killing of innocents and defend the innocents. Provided with the action packed commando background music, sound effects, 3D environment, Black Ops Assault: Army Strike 3D makes one of the coolest defence commando action apache helicopter air craft gaming experience in a death war. The death war and blood battle image has been presented and it is your duty to kill the criminals and enemy troops and must win the death war. Don’t let your commander shot. The game comes with five interesting shooting action packed levels in an apache helicopter and is completely free to download.Black Ops Assault: Army Strike 3D features:Machine guns for shooting from apache helicopterRadar and navigations for criminals and enemy troop detectionBlood death war killer gameHow to play Black Ops Assault: Army Strike 3DUse touch control to aim aggro criminals and enemiesUse shoot buttons to fire and kill

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