Elite Safety Commando Shooter

Description of Elite Safety Commando Shooter being deadly ruthless elite frontline shooter use your specialized artillery skills with guns and weapons while hunting down alliance of enemy soldier to kill them all. bloody stranded shooter guns of enemies have forgot the strength of bravo one man hunting soldier. it’s time to shot bullet at your target with skill like a bravo commando for safety of territory surviving in all missions. you are equipped with arsenal gem to earn different mission completion over the fallen cover of their dead bodies. gun combat may forget the strength you will show while shooting dumb resistance. you are the one to shoot assassin forces in bounty of 3d armor console. standing in front of enemy artillery like a sniper vantage cover the whole area from enemy hunting bullets.it is a thrilling dead war against terrorism so go with no mercy, no rules in this realistic game. load the gun and shoot opponents.war strike!gun strike!fire strike!now when the world is full of enemy strikes. captain Bravo has very sharp enemies, they are ready to attack with all their resources through land troops navy water seals and air too. You have been given a task to kill all enemies to protect your land against terror world and also have to save your life. hold breath, focus the target and trigger the guns and sniper to shoot devil enemies.you are a brave shooter and have multiple different tasks and a variety of sea and city missions. face the challenge bravely, fire on their vehicles transport and destruct the camps of opponents. Elite Safety Commando is a free game having loads of different enemy attacks. They are all around you and ready to attack by their helicopters or jets with commando troops falling via parachutes, enemies via boats and ships and tankers are ready to attack on you. you have to face all the strikers and shoot them all to dead.be a single man army black commando, and show the courage to face ferocious enemies. kill the enemies one by one to complete your level wise task. It’s time to polish skills and get into profession of military with passion and desire.Elite Safety Commando shooter is strategical game. are you ready to plan and kill them all and made their attacks to fail by using your aiming and logical sharp stunts? You are equipped with multiple weapons for your defense. Use Deagle as your weapon, choose M4A1 as assault gun, AWP assault gun and AW50. if you want AS50 or want to use AK47 and bombs to clean your territory.Featuresstunning 3D game graphics.epic game play.smooth aimingmultiple environments.variety of missions.loads of guns.animations at their extreme levelcompletely free game.challenging taskscompatible with android tabs and mobile devices.To Playfire via corner button.zoom button to focus on the aim.change guns via changing button

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